Carpet Page Promoted

Illuminated Carpet Page

Carpet Page Illuminated

Carpet Page Illuminated

So I’ve been designing rugs for a while now.  I like the way the format gives artistic structure and allows me to display projects with tremendous detail.  It really reminds me of the illuminated carpet pages from the old religious manuscripts.

For this project the aim was an English style rug, with local plants and symbols from ancient cultures (Mayan, Celtic, Native American, Arabic.)  Click the thumb to the right for a high-res finished image, then look below to go over some of the details.

[blockquote]The best thing is when people walking past stop and just have to stare at what’s right under their feet.[/blockquote]

Symbol Library

Symbol Library

Ancient cultures are a treasure trove for pattern. It’s surprising how few actual symbols were used in the making of this rug design. Clearly a workflow process could begin with making a similar set of symbols before any arrangement takes place. The higher quality the individual symbols, the more masterful the final product.



What comes next?  Probably more illuminations.  I think a more focused theme is in order, perhaps one that solely uses Mayan textures.

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