Hyundai Nike Ad

Nike + Hyundai Ad

Something old, something new, something green.

Nike’s logo is great, but what if it was on my car? My last project dealt with Nike apparel, so this is a natural extension. I looked around the web and couldn’t find anything like my design. It’s a shame because I think a simple swoosh like this really speaks to the brand’s purity and power. Here is a link to an agency that did a real project for Nike, and a matchbox car example here.

2004 Hyundai Elantra

2004 Hyundai Elantra

First step: get a photo.  I really made it hard on myself for this project.  The photo is a night shot with really low contrast, plus it suffers from motion blur “seeing triples.”  Check out the image, zoom in to the rear wheel to see what I mean about the blur.  The picture was made with a Canon Powershot, which is great but really needs a tripod in super low light.  Anyway, the key was a good perspective and for that the photo works out.  The blur has to be worked out with artistry and guessing where lines go.

Nike Hyundai Drawing Cars Tutorial

Nike + Hyundai: Drawing Cars

Step two: illustration. Basic goals are to make it look a little cooler than real life, by sharpening or blunting the angles where possible. Also trying to make it look realistic-ish by avoiding the cartoony look of clip-art. I believe the main difference between clip-art and illustration is the quality and density of detail.

Nike Car Wrap

Nike Car Wrap – High Resolution

Finally, we just have to put together an ad using the new illustration. I had an idea where the car would live in a dark alley, like the famous shot of Spider-man’s suit tossed in the trash. In the end I decided on just a dark abstract grid background so that it didn’t take away from the car or the branding. I’ve included a high-res graphic for inspection.

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